Easter Basket Guide

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Now that St. Patrick’s day is over you don’t have much time until Easter! I’ve put together a guide for you, your man and your kids with some ideas so you don’t have to stress. I love Easter! I always like to add some items in my basket that I have been wanting for awhile, and Easter is the perfect excuse. I’ve tried to include items that can also be a “need”, and not just a “want”. I don’t always have a huge budget, but I also like to take time to personalize each Easter basket.

easter basket for women- web

Women’s Easter Basket

women easter basket for web (numbered)

  1. Sunglasses– I came across these sunglasses from The Alison Show’s Gem Jam dance party and I have been obsessed! They are from Shop & Apparel and only $7.50! they have some fun sunglass options, you gotta check them out!
  2. Anastasia Brow Wiz- I LOVE this eyebrow pencil, I’ve searched high and low and finally found something that works for me. I’m almost out of my eyebrow pencil, so this is a great addition to my  basket.
  3. World Map watch- I originally got this watch from Groopdealz, but they are sold out. However,  I found you some here. This watch is so fun and a great accessory.
  4. EOS chapstick- These chapsticks are great, they also look a bit like an egg. Perfect addition for your basket!
  5. Gelish Polish– You can never have enough nail polish and this peach color is perfect for the Spring.
  6. NYX Butter Gloss– I really like these NYX butter glosses, and they are a great price.
  7. Wet Brush– Have you tried this brush? It’s the greatest and works so well with tangled wet hair. It’s been a life saver.
  8. Bar Necklace– I love this necklace and the way it looks when you layer it.
  9. Night Balm– I’ve loved this chapstick and how it repairs my dry chappy lips while I’m sleeping.
  10. Mini Bobby Pins– Bobby pins are like the missing match to your pair of socks, always missing! You can never have enough. I really like the mini bobby pins, they don’t show has much when you are doing different hairstyles or pinning your hair back. I don’t think I’ll go back to the regular size bobby pins anytime soon.


kids easter basket web

Kid’s/Infant Easter Basket

kids easter for web (numbered)

  1. Camelbak water bottle- These water bottles are the best and so durable! Your toddler can throw these around and they won’t break. They have super cute patterns too.
  2. Baby Touch & Feel Animals book- One of our favorite books, even my older boys love looking at the animals.
  3. Bubble Wand– The weather will be warm soon, hopefully by Easter! Bubbles are always fun.
  4. Mr. Sketch scented markers- These take me back to my childhood, it’s been fun to have my own children use these and they still smell so great.
  5. Ella’s Kitchen- These food pouches are great and easy for us busy mamma’s who are always on the go!
  6. Bath Toy- These are always a great addition, my kids never get sick of new bath toys.
  7. Organic Suckers- My friend recently introduced me to these suckers and they taste so good! I love the variety of flavors too. I found them in the bulk section at Smith’s Market place. I got 10 suckers for only $1.00.
  8. Rice Crackers- These are a great snack for my little baby, who loves to eat.
  9. Baby Spoons- These were a need, because my stinking dishwasher melted half of my spoons (oops).
  10. Kid Gardening Gloves– My 4 year old has expressed interest in gardening with me. I thought these would be a great addition that I found in the dollar zone at Target (except they were in the $3.00 section- I wish they would just keep everything a dollar, so I could buy more items.)
  11. Moon Dough– Have you tried this? Moon Dough is the coolest thing, it’s awesome because it doesn’t dry out like play doh.
  12. Kid Sunglasses- Found these in the dollar zone at Target (they were actually a dollar). Aren’t they the cutest!
  13. Baby puffs and yogurt melts- Since my little baby isn’t ready for candy yet, these were perfect to put into his Easter eggs.

mens easter basket web

Men’s Easter Basket

mens easter basket web 2

  1. Shoe Shine– My husband has to wear dress shoes everyday for work, sometime they need a good shining. This shoe shine is nice because it has the color already in the sponge, it’s a quick way to get those shoes looking spiffy!
  2. Back massager– This gift might be more for you than your man, but he doesn’t have to know. I love how small this little hand back massager is.
  3. Lotion– This stress relief lotion from Bath and Body Works smells amazing!
  4. Business card holder– This is great for your hardworking hubby, and a great way for him to keep some business cards on hand.
  5. Pens– These fine point pens are one of my husbands favorite pens. I like to borrow or take one for myself.
  6. Almonds- Have you tried these toasted coconut almonds?! They are the best, I can’t look at plain almonds the same way. You can pick these up at your local grocery store.
  7. Razor refills- Something that I feel like I’m always buying anyways, why not add it to the basket.
  8. Chapstick- I’m always loosing my chapstick, so this is a perfect addition to any Easter basket.
  9. Cuff links– I found cuff links from overstock.com and was impressed with how affordable they were. It’s always nice to get some new cuff links every once in awhile.
  10. Pocket knife– Easter means we are one step closer to Summer which equals camping in our household. A pocket knife is something my husband can always use.

Have you noticed that there are different sizes of easter eggs now a days? I love that I can fit most of my Easter basket items into an egg so my family can be surprised with their goodies.

mens easter basket web- 3

easter basket for women-2 web

What are you adding to your Easter basket this year?

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  1. I am always looking for new ideas for easter baskets and this is the best list I have seen in years! Great ideas for everyone!

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