Non-Candy Easter Egg Ideas

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My older son who is almost 8 has special needs, he has been diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. Feeding issues are a part of his syndrome, so he doesn’t eat candy or anything that requires chewing, the thickest texture he usually tolerates is pudding. I’ve had to be creative over the years when it comes to Holiday’s because the usual treats don’t work for him. I like to put items in his Easter eggs that pertain to him. I also like it because my kid’s Easter baskets aren’t filled with just candy. I got the trinkets from the Dollar Store and my local grocery store (fruit roll ups and raisins- for my 3 year old). It actually worked out perfectly this year because my 3 year old is having his birthday party this weekend, and his one request was to have a piñata. So I saved some of the piñata toys to add to the Easter eggs. I got a light up ball, stickers, hot wheels car, magic towel, finger light, kazoo, dissolvable sponge animal capsules, etc. I like to get a small puzzle and divide up the pieces into a few eggs as well.


What non-candy items do you like to add to your basket?



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Easter stuffing web

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