My Experience With Microblading (Permanent Brows)

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In May I started the process of getting my brows permanently done. It’s been a few months since I’ve finished both sessions and let’s just say I’m thrilled with my results! My eyebrows have always been something that I’ve tried to perfect. They are super dark on my face, and dare I say  one of my signature looks (I am complimented on my brows a lot). Let’s just say it was a lot of work to get my brows looking so good. Back in high school when thin and over tweezed brows were in, I fell into that trend. I over tweezed so much that my hair is super sparse on the start of my brow. I’ve been able to make them look more full with an eyebrow pencil, but it would add so much time to my makeup routine! Let’s not talk about how many times I was late to church because I was working on my brows (it’s always the last part of my makeup routine).

Luckily Megan, of CC Artistry & Esthetics, approached me about getting my brows done. After looking through her Instagram @cc_artistry_esthetics I felt confident enough to finally get my brows done (something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile). Megan did such a great job of making me feel comfortable. We had a consultation before we got down to business and she did a great job explaining the process to me. She made sure to take her time when it came to color matching, and always made sure to check with me and see if I agreed with her when it came to color, shape, etc. We decided to do a combination of a powder fill (looks like a filled brow) and microblading (this looks more like hairs than a “filled brow”).

I’ve heard different things when it comes to pain. It felt the same way to me as it does when I get my eyebrows threaded. Numbing cream is applied before and throughout the process.

Some things you should know before getting your brows done.

  • It doesn’t last as long as a traditional tattoo due to the type and style of needle used, which makes it more superficial. Which is kind of great, because if you decide to change the look of your brow you have the ability to do so with time.
  • Permanent cosmetics use body pigments, not body inks like a regular tattoo. Body pigments are meant to fade over time. Each person reacts differently to the pigment being deposited.
  • To keep your brows looking fresh, a touch up is usually needed with microblading, it’s recommended every 12-18 months. But depending on what technique was used you can potentially last up to 2 years. A touch up is usually needed sooner with microblading.
  • It’s a two part process. You have your initial appointment plus your touch up 4-6 weeks later. Your brows fade quite a bit (up to 40%) after your first appointment and can even fade unevenly. But don’t worry,  that’s what the second touch up appointment is for. This is where you can tweak or change something that doesn’t look right to you. We did a small color correction at my touch up appointment.
  • Getting your brows done is an investment, but it’s something that I’ve been so pleased with. Have your artist draw your brows on. Try out different expressions and find out what works best for YOU. You are unique, find what works best for YOU!


Talking details and the shape I’m hoping to accomplish.


Megan took her time measuring my brows. She took her time and never made me feel rushed. This part was important to me.



Starting the process after the numbing cream was applied prior.




I loved having the mirror to be able to check on the process and let her know if I saw any spots that didn’t look right to me.



My before photo. You can see my thin, over tweezed brows.


After my first session, look at the beautiful full brows (love!).






This is a good example of the color fading process. The last photo is how my brows look now.

I’ve loved my brows! If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


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