Modesty Hack With Heirloom Clothing

heirloom clothing, black undershirt

I love wearing beautiful blouses, but I don’t love that the polyester material is usually see-through. That’s why I love Heirloom Clothing. They have the perfect modest hack for any of your clothing needs. The cap sleeve shirt is the perfect shirt to help keep you modest and stylish. The best part about the cap sleeve t-shirt is that you can wear it alone. I have a shirt that is similar to Heirloom’s cap sleeve shirt, but the material is too thin and I’m not comfortable wearing it alone just as a shirt. That’s not the case with this tee. The material is such high quality and is the perfect basic tee to have in your closet, and it comes in a variety of colors. You can’t beat that! This tee, or any of Heirloom’s tee’s, would be a perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! Right now if you buy 1 basic shirt you’ll get a half cap for free. The half cap is a cropped version of the cap sleeved tee that’s ideal for those moments when you require extra coverage at your shoulders to complete your look, but can do without the extra length. Use code PEACOCK30 to take advantage of this awesome deal!

Heirloom clothing, modesty hack, wide brimmed hat, polka dot blouse

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