My Home Teeth Whitening Experience

I’ve always admired people with that super bright white smile. My teeth have never been too terrible, but I’ve always wanted a brighter smile. I was so happy when Smile Brilliant partnered with me to try out their “at home teeth whitening kit”. This was the perfect solution for this busy Mama! I didn’t have to try and schedule an appointment at the dentist. I could just make my own molds at the comfort of my own home. This affordable at home teeth whitening system is the perfect solution if you’re wanting to brighten up your smile. This would also be a must have for those who may have coffee stained teeth or even tobacco stained teeth. This teeth whitening system can take care of all of that and more.

At first I was intimidated when I looked at the kit, but the instructions were very clear and easy to use. Mixing the catalyst and base together was simple and quick to do. It was easy to make the molds for my custom fitted trays. I really liked how the teeth whitening gel was already included in the first initial package, so the only thing I needed to wait for after I mailed my molds were my custom-fitted trays. After I sent my molds in my pre-paid envelope, my trays arrived quickly! I was super impressed with how quickly Smile Bright got my custom-fitted trays back to me.

I was super excited to start my teeth whitening experience once I received my teeth whitening trays. It was easy to apply the gel into my trays, and felt fine when they were in my mouth. I did have teeth sensitivity. Smile Bright has a desensitizing gel to help with the sensitivity. I ended up scaling back my teeth whitening process for awhile due to this, and whitened my teeth every other night. I’ve always had teeth sensitivity so I wasn’t surprised when I needed to scale back. Even with scaling back the process, I was still pleased with the results! I feel so good and confident with my brighter smile, and I look forward to an even brighter smile as I continue my teeth whitening experience. Smile Brilliant has been such a great company to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an affordable at home teeth whitening experience.

to learn more about Smile Brilliant or to order a teeth whitening system, head over to their website.

I’ve also included a link to testimonials from other happy customers who share their teeth whitening experience so go and check it out. It’s amazing to see their results too!

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