Bohemian Look for Mother’s Day

I’ve always admired the floral crowns that most brides/bridesmaids have been wearing lately. I decided that I was going to make me one to wear on Mother’s Day.  Besides, who’s going to tell me no on “my” Day, ha ha ha.  After I found this amazing dress I knew that the floral crown was going to put my whole outfit together. The beautiful flowers are from Trader Joe’s, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rose in that shade before, it was beautiful and I love how well it matched my dress. I truly felt like royalty on Sunday and I loved it. My sweet boys sure treated me like a queen, and now I looked the part.

It was so much fun doing something a little out of the ordinary, but I honestly loved it. I want to encourage you all to do something a little extra or out of the ordinary for yourself. See how it makes you feel, you might be surprised!


Dress| Forever 21

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